ESI SyNC 2023 – Linking hypotheses: where neuroscience, computation, and cognition meet

We are happy to announce that the Ernst Strüngmann Institute Systems Neuroscience Conference (ESI SyNC) 2023 will take place in person this year, on September 14 and 15 at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute in Frankfurt, Germany. A hybrid format will be implemented, such that online participation is also possible.

This year’s topic is: Linking hypotheses: where neuroscience, computation, and cognition meet. Eleven speakers will discuss their research and views on the intersection of systems, behavioral, and computational neuroscience from a wide array of viewpoints: from basic network interactions in the brain probed at the electrophysiological and mechanistic levels to complex animal behavior and cognition. This year’s conference is an outstanding platform bringing together sub-fields in the neurosciences that find themselves, regrettably often, treated in isolation. Young researchers will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and raise questions in formal and informal discussions. There will also be a poster session for which we welcome submissions.