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IMPRS for Molecular Life Sciences: From Biological Structures to Neural Circuits

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The IMPRS-LS brings together two renowned Munich based Max Planck Institutes, the MPI of Neurobiology and the MPI of Biochemistry as well as two leading partner-universities, the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) and the Technical University Munich (TUM), to deliver first class education and training for the world‘s most promising young scientists.

Situated in an outstanding research environment, the school’s research activities center around three distinct but well-connected research branches: Our students and their supervisors strive to uncover molecular mechanisms regulating biological processes, analyze the resulting complex biological systems and decipher the intricate network of neural circuits leading to corresponding behavioral responses.

Currently, around 140 top-class students are undertaking their PhD with us. The diversity in our PhD program, both in terms of people and research, is vital to our success as a cutting edge research school. We work hard to foster an inclusive environment defined by flexibility and care and aim to support our students to allow them to achieve their full potential in their chosen area of research. Key to this is, amongst other things, the existence of a “Thesis Advisory Committee”, which serves to supervise, guide and mentor doctoral students.

Whilst world class research is a central part of our program, we are also committed to providing our students with dedicated workshops and access to the most relevant training opportunities to ensure our graduates remain highly competitive in the job market. Combined with a focus on early independence in research, our PhD program ensures those aiming for a successful career in science have the very best starting platform.