Max Planck Florida’s Neurotransmissions Podcast Now On Spotify

Neurotransmissions, a podcast produced by the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience is growing and is now available on the streaming music site Spotify. Neurotransmissions features interviews with neuroscientists from around the world and covers topics such as life in the lab, educational paths, the latest neuroscience research and more. In addition to Spotify, the podcast is available on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and on the Neurotransmissions website at

Neurotransmissions is hosted by Research Fellow Joe Schumacher, Neural Data Scientist Misha Smirnov, and Postdoctoral Fellow Jeremy Chang. The podcast team will be conducting interviews at the 49th annual Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago, Illinois later this year. The podcast recently launched a survey to help shape future episodes. Listeners can take the survey by visiting