Training programs

IMPRS for Synapses and Circuits

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Synapses and Circuits provides innovative and individualized doctoral training in interdisciplinary neuroscience research. The IMPRS for Synapses and Circuits is a partnership between MPFI and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and is the only IMPRS program in the United States. Our faculty share a central focus on understanding the basic neurobiology of the brain across different scales with state-of-the-art experimental approaches, ranging from the level of individual molecules within synapses to large-scale studies of neuronal ensembles during behavior. Visit our IMPRS page to learn more.

IMPRS PhD students are immersed into a world-class neuroscience training environment working alongside scientists at the forefront of neuroscience research. In addition to the flourishing neuroscience campus in Jupiter, Florida, there are numerous exchange opportunities with other neuroscience-focused Max Planck Institutes in Germany through jointly organized advanced scientific training workshops, symposia, and extended research stays. IMPRS PhD students also receive well-rounded professional development and career education to excel in the changing landscape of scientific careers after graduation. IMPRS travel grants empower students to select meetings and courses to enrich their training and prepare for their career trajectory.

All students in the IMPRS for Synapses and Circuits are enrolled in the degree-granting partner Integrative Biology-Neuroscience (IBNS) PhD program at FAU. A comprehensive interdisciplinary neuroscience curriculum is offered by the IBNS PhD program, which students usually complete in the first two years after admission. Admitted students can either directly match with a faculty advisor for their thesis research or perform laboratory rotations with IMPRS faculty to identify a PI in the first year.