Training programs

IMPRS – Biological Intelligence

International Max Planck Research School – Biological Intelligence (IMPRS-BI) offers first-rate training to doctoral students interested in the question of how nervous systems develop and have evolved to allow animals to pursue their goals, navigate their environment, and employ behavioral strategies that are adapted to, and shape, their respective ecological niche.

Bringing together the newly founded Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence and two leading partner universities, the Ludwig Maximilians University and the Technical University of Munich, IMPRS-BI is bridging related disciplines, including neuroscience, behavioral ecology, and evolution, with the aim of unraveling the nature of biological intelligence.

World-class scientific research work is at the core of the IMPRS-BI mission. We offer an English-speaking, structured Ph.D. program with ready access to state-of-the-art facilities. To foster high-quality scientific research, IMPRS-BI students are offered expert supervision where the thesis is conducted under the guidance of the direct advisor and a thesis advisory committee.

Our faculty includes more than 30 renowned scientists leading a research group at one of our three partner institutions who mentor and support our doctoral candidates throughout their studies. An additional training curriculum in scientific, computational, and transferable skills, tailored to each student’s individual needs, endows our graduates with a competitive edge in the job arena, both in academia and elsewhere.

We have an open call for fully-funded doctoral student positions in the fields of behavior, neurobiology, connectomics, ecology, and evolutionary genetics. We encourage highly qualified candidates with a strong commitment to basic research to apply.

IMPRS-BI is inclusive and openly welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds. For more information, eligibility criteria, and online application, please visit our website:

Closing date for applications is November 15, 2023. Apply Now!